Green Bond Workshop Series in Mexico

Managing climate-related and environmental risks, which increasingly impact social, economic and financial systems across the globe, requires massive investment into a more sustainable low-carbon and resource-efficient economy. The Mexican government’s commitment to reduce emissions by 25 percent until 2030 – jointly with market-led initiatives – does not only put carbon-intensive assets and investments at a higher risk but also creates new business and investment opportunities.

An increasingly recognized and popular financial instrument used by the public and private sector to effectively raise the capital urgently needed for such a green transformation are Green Bonds. To build and enhance the knowledge on Green Bonds as financing and investment tool, we invite representatives from policymaking and regulatory bodies, financial institutions, public and private companies, local governments, investors as well as environmental and climate research, consulting and rating institutions to join our workshop series on Green Bonds. Participants will learn from leading finance and science experts and gain profound knowledge and hands-on technical expertise on the pillars that constitute a robust Green Bond framework. These include:

  • Definitions & Selection
  • Verification
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • and Market Aspects

Workshop I: Definitions, Selection & Verification (10 & 11 October 2016, Mexico City)

The first workshop within the series focused on the topics Definitions, Selection & Verification and was addressed to banks, potential issuers and investors (10 October 2016) and to regulators and potential verifiers (11 October 2016).

For further information, please see the summary, agenda, presentations and photos of the event.

Workshop II: Monitoring, Reporting & Market Aspects (1 & 2 March 2017, Mexico City)

The second workshop within the series focused on the topics Monitoring, Reporting & Market Aspects and addressed potential issuers, investors and underwriters (1 March 2017) and policymakers and potential verifiers (2 March 2017).

For further information, please see the agendas, presentations and summary [coming soon].